What We Offer

Our expert support and all-in-one technology platform specializes in helping projects launch and manage successful community events.


Connect identities & wallets.

Verify your community’s wallets and social profiles with our integrated flows for KYC/KYB and accredited investor checks. Our compliance team also supports end users in need of manual review via an in-app ticketing system.


Fundraise from the public or curated groups.

Public token sales, private sales, and equity raises. Configure your compliance requirements, eligibility criteria, sale parameters, and end user flow to your fundraising needs. Our platform is white-labeled, crypto-native, non-custodial, and supports Regulation D, Regulation A, S-1, and non-US offerings.


Whitelabeled airdrop claims & token vesting automations.

Airdrops, post-sale claims, team/investor allocations, dev bounties, grant programs, and more. With Tokensoft Distribute, you can configure the token unlock and claims settings to automate the distributions across the blockchain of your choice. Supports immediate, time-based, and price-based unlocks.


Setup & manage token foundations and related activities.

Token foundation setup, governance, legal templates, ongoing administration, and support for ongoing foundation activities such as OTC deals and ambassador programs. With Tokensoft Foundation, token projects can save hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars by launching and managing their token foundations with Tokensoft.

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