Tokensoft is the best place to attain price discovery while bootstrapping your community. This can take various forms, whether you are doing a fixed price sale and setting the price of your token or whether you are allowing your community to set the price in the form of an auction. Each style has different strategies to set the right price while building the largest community. To date, Tokensoft has helped create over $10 Billion in market cap across projects like Tezos, Hashgraph, Synthetix, Avalanche, The Graph, Acala, Moonbeam and many, many more.

The Platform

The Tokensoft platform is designed to help organize a large scale of users into a manageable sale process. The platform has been designed with two primary motivations, compliance and scalability. The foundation of it is compliance and so prior to the user being able to see any information about the sale, they have to go through a compliance program. There are a few different stages to this process, the most complex flow is the following:

  • Compliance Process

    • This is generally the KYC process, however there may be other regulatory requirements per jurisdiction or in general. For example, a customer may want US persons to go through investor accreditation or to collect additional information from certain countries.

  • Data Room

    • The data room may include any terms, or disclosures that investors must read or review prior to participating in the sale.

  • Document Execution

    • Document execution is where any legal documents are signed.

  • Payment

    • The main event, this is where payment occurs. The payments go directly to the customers wallet without any intervention from Tokensoft.

The Process

Usage of our platform is broken out into phases, we do this to help manage the participants at scale. We've broken the process into phases and rounds. The phases help manage the scale of investors and to funnel them into an expected process. The rounds help organize the investors into different categories, whether there is a more exclusive and high volume round with differing terms or similar.


Breaking a sale into distinct phases, helps to funnel users in, in an expected manner. These phases are separated into the following:

  • Registration Phase

    • This is a signup / registration process where users who are interested in the project, can pre-register for getting through KYC / compliance. This may be done when the sale is not quite setup, and to begin collecting prospective users.

    • Recommended Time Window: Any

  • Compliance Phase

    • This is the KYC phase, and by nature, it is not a simple and seamless process. Users in well known countries will get through this right away, users that are in lesser trafficked countries may take a few days in order to get through the process. Its

    • Recommended Time Window: 3-14+ Days.

  • Sale Launch

    • The sale launch is the main event. Ideally, all the users have completed KYC and are ready to go. In this phase, users can login and directly participate into the sale.


Rounds are designed to enable different groups of investors to participate in a sale in an orderly fashion. We've seen varying applications of this concept, the most basic application is the segregation of different investor types. For example, a customer may have two rounds, one for up to 100 VCs and then a second round for 10,000 users from the general public. An illustration of this concept is shown below:

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