Sale Basics

We need to setup some basic details about your sale, before we can proceed. Please fill out the fields below to start the process.

Token Name

Token Symbol


  • Price per token you'd like to set.

Token Decimals

  • Set the number of decimals for your token.


  • This wallet will own the sale contract and can make any onchain edits once the sale is deployed.

Payment Recipient

  • This wallet will be able to sweep the tokens from the sale contract during or once the raise round is over.

Fair Queue

  • Reduce gas wars and chain congestion by placing each user in a randomized queue. Once a user’s queue time elapses, he or she will be able to participate if the sale cap has not been reached. Each user will be delayed by the max queue time at most.

  • If setting a Fair Queue time, a window of 5 - 10 minutes is recommended as this is the average time it takes users to complete a purchase.

  • Once all edits are complete, select Continue for the next step.

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