Decide who can participate in your event. Gather the requirements from your compliance manual and set them here.

Compliance tier

Decide what type of verification (if any) is needed for your raise.

  • Identity Verification - To be eligible, each applicant must verify his or her identity by submitting a valid government identification document (such as a passport) and a live selfie video.

  • Accredited Investor Verification - To be eligible, each applicant must qualify as an accredited investors as defined by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Applicants must provide proof of a qualifying net worth, income, or professional membership.

Wallet Requirements

Currently we support raise events on various EVM chains, but you could require users to verify a DOT wallet address if needed to support your requirements.

  • Ethereum Wallet - Sign in with Metamask, WalletConnect, or a smart contract wallet

  • Polkadot Wallet - Sign in with Polkadot.js, Subwallet, or another Substrate-compatible browser extension

Regional Restrictions

OFAC regions are automatically restricted. Additionally, you can include other regions to restrict from the drop down menu depending on your risk tolerance and or your legal team's advice.

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