Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How can I view upcoming Tokensoft-powered events?
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    A: Follow us on twitter and turn on notifications Tokensoft Inc
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    A: Visit our Community Page to check for ecosystem events Tokensoft Community
Q: How do I participate in a new Tokensoft-powered event if I participated in previous event.
A: Your account is strictly associated with the Metamask wallet address you used to complete KYC. You must sign into your account at https://app.tokensoft.io by connecting your wallet and signing the message to prove ownership of your wallet. In doing so, you accept the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, as well as the Cookie Policy. You can complete KYC as necessary at https://app.tokensoft.io/account
Q: My KYC failed, can I fix it?
A: KYC decisions are final and cannot be corrected. At times your KYC might pass and then upon further review is failed, these decisions are final. If you believe this to be in error huse the help widget at the bottom of any Tokensoft page.
Q: Why is my KYC under review?
A: Most KYC checks are completed within minutes but occasionally accounts require additional review which can take 24 to 48 hours.
Q: Can I change the wallet address I registered with?
A: You cannot change the wallet address associated with your account.
Q: What documents are supported for each country?
Q: Do I need to purchase a Tokensoft Token to participate in sale?
A: No Token is required, please refer to the Payments section for more information